Water Dispenser

Presenting the Cutting-Edge Water Dispenser: A Fusion of Convenience and Modernity

We are delighted to introduce our latest innovation, a remarkable water dispenser that redefines the way you experience hydration. This multifunctional product not only serves as a water dispenser but also doubles as a water heater, making it the ultimate solution for your diverse water needs.

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Modern Design without Cabinet: Our water dispenser stands out with its sleek and contemporary design, providing a perfect addition to any setting without the need for a bulky cabinet. Its minimalistic aesthetics seamlessly blend with modern interiors, elevating the ambiance of your space. Temperature Control Safety System: Safety is at the core of our design, and our water dispenser is equipped with an advanced temperature control safety system. This feature ensures that the water temperature is consistently maintained at optimal levels, guaranteeing a safe and reliable water dispensing experience. Hot Water Protective Lock: We prioritize the safety of our esteemed customers, especially in environments where families and students frequent. To address this, our water dispenser is equipped with a hot water protective lock, preventing accidental scalds and burns, making it a suitable choice for households and institutions alike. Versatility in Installation: We understand the importance of customization, and our water dispenser offers the flexibility to install both normal and filtered water sources from above. This feature allows you to tailor the water dispenser to your specific preferences, catering to individual needs with ease. Seamless Compatibility with Magnetic Kettle Accessories: To enhance your convenience further, our water dispenser is designed to seamlessly accommodate magnetic kettle accessories. This convenient addition allows you to personalize your water dispenser experience, optimizing it for your preferred use. A Perfect Blend of Innovation and Elegance: Our water dispenser embodies the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and elegant design. It boasts a host of features that revolutionize your hydration experience, ensuring that you have access to cold, warm, and hot water at your fingertips. Experience the epitome of convenience and modernity with our exceptional water dispenser. Whether you need a refreshing cold drink or a warm beverage to savor, our water dispenser is here to cater to your every need. Elevate your hydration experience today with our multifunctional water dispenser and discover a world of sophistication and ease.
Refrigerant gasR134a
Climate classNatural
Net dimention26 × 32 × 100 cm
Net weight11.16 Kg
Input powerAC 220V
MaterialCarbon steel
Compressor typeUniversal
Installation typeTop loading
Heating power410 W
Cooling power80 W

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