Hidden Bottle Water Dispenser

Discover the Elegance of the Silver-Gray Hidden Source Water Dispenser: Perfect for Offices, Commercial Spaces, and Hospitals

We are excited to unveil our latest innovation, an exquisite silver-gray hidden source water dispenser that brings sophistication and functionality to your workplace. This sleek and modern product is tailor-made for office, commercial, and hospital settings, promising a seamless and refreshing hydration experience for all.

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Hidden Source and Pump: Embrace the elegance of our water dispenser with its hidden water source, ensuring a clutter-free and sleek appearance. Equipped with a powerful pump, it effortlessly delivers water to your desired temperature, leaving a lasting impression on users. Water Level Alarm: Our water dispenser features a smart water level warning system that ensures you are never caught off guard. The alarm promptly alerts users when the water level is running low, allowing for timely replenishment and continuous water supply. Multiple Temperature Options: With three taps offering cold, hot, and lukewarm water, our water dispenser caters to individual preferences with utmost precision. The hot water safety lock guarantees protection against accidental burns, adding an extra layer of safety for users. Strength, Low Noise, and Power Consumption: We understand the importance of reliability and efficiency. Our water dispenser is engineered with high-strength materials, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and durability. Additionally, its low-noise operation ensures a peaceful and productive environment in your workplace. Temperature Control Security System: Rest assured, your safety is our priority. Our water dispenser boasts a temperature control security system, ensuring that the water is consistently dispensed at optimal temperatures, delivering a safe and enjoyable hydration experience. Electric Shock Protection: The well-being of our esteemed users is paramount, and thus, our water dispenser is equipped with electric shock protection. This feature ensures a safe and secure user experience, protecting against any electrical mishaps. Seamless Cup Holder Installation: For added convenience, our water dispenser is designed to accommodate a cup holder (accessory). This thoughtful feature allows users to keep their cups and mugs close at hand, making it a perfect addition to busy office spaces. Discover the allure of our silver-gray hidden source water dispenser, elevating your hydration experience to new heights. With its innovative features, reliability, and safety, this water dispenser is a true asset for office, commercial, and hospital use. Indulge in the elegance and functionality of our exceptional water dispenser today and elevate your workplace environment.
Refrigerant gasR134a
Climate classNatural
Net dimention31 × 37 × 103.5 cm
Net weight15.17 Kg
Input powerAC 220V
MaterialCarbon steel
Compressor typeUniversal
Installation typeHidden Bottle
Heating power497 W
Cooling power114 W

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