Desktop Water Dispenser

Introducing the Versatile Water Dispenser: Ideal for Various Settings

We are delighted to present our latest water dispenser, meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of environments, including offices, commercial establishments, hospitals, and households. Combining convenience, efficiency, and safety, this exceptional product is the epitome of modernity and functionality.

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Our water dispenser is thoughtfully engineered to accommodate diverse settings, making it a perfect fit for offices, commercial spaces, hospitals, and homes alike. Multiple Temperature Options: The water dispenser offers three taps with the option of dispensing cold, warm, and lukewarm water, allowing users to enjoy their preferred water temperature at their convenience. Moreover, a hot water protective lock is incorporated, ensuring enhanced safety for users, particularly in busy and bustling environments. Strength and Low Noise: This exceptional product exhibits exceptional durability and strength, guaranteeing a long-lasting performance even in demanding environments. Additionally, its low-noise operation ensures that it discreetly blends into any setting, maintaining a tranquil atmosphere in offices or households. Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient: We prioritize environmental sustainability. With the low power consumption, this product promoting environmental consciousness without compromising on its performance. Compact Design: Designed to be a desktop product, this water dispenser boasts a space-saving design, making it an ideal choice for settings with limited space. LED Display: An intuitive LED display accompanies our water dispenser, elegantly showcasing the temperature options of cold, hot, and lukewarm water.
Refrigerant gasR134a
Climate classNatural
Net dimention31 × 33 × 55 cm
Net weight10.7 Kg
Input powerAC 220V
MaterialCarbon steel
Compressor typeUniversal
Installation typeTop loading
Heating power490 W
Cooling power100 W

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